Permatec EcoWrap Hot Melt Waterproofing System

Part of Permatec EcoWrap Hot Melt Roofing System

Manufacturer: IKO 

Materials: Hot Applied Polymer Modified Bitumen (Hot Melt) 

The PermaTEC EcoWrap Hot Melt Roofing System is based on a formulated waterproofing membrane made from a combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers and other additives. The membrane is applied in two layers to provide a waterproofing layer with a nominal coating thickness of 6mm.

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Number: 03/4009 PS2
Issue date: 12/11/2021

Approved for use on

Blue Roofs Brown Roofs Green Roofs Inverted Roofs Podium Decks Protected Roofs Zero Falls Buried Roofs 

The PermaTEC EcoWrap Hot Melt Waterproofing System is satisfactory for use on new or existing below ground, horizontal and vertical surfaces as a tanking or damp-proof membrane.


Brick Concrete 

The PermaTEC EcoWrap Hot Melt Waterproofing System is satisfactory for use as a membrane for below-ground waterproofing within a structure of concrete, brickwork, blockwork and masonry as a full bonded type A waterproofing protection, as defined in BS 8102 : 2009 Table 2


Design Life of the Roof 

The PermaTEC EcoWrap Hot Melt Waterproofing System, when protected and subjected to normal service conditions, will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of moisture for the design service life of the roof in which it is incorporated.

Installation Requirements

The system should only be installed by contractors who have been trained and approved by the Certificate holder. Details of these are available from the Certificate holder.

Certified Products

The following products are also covered by the same certification:

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