Liquid Roofing Sytems Limited

RapidRoof Waterproof System

Manufacturer: Liquid Roofing Sytems Limited 

Materials: Poly Methyl Methacrylates (PMMA) 

Cold liquid applied (by roller or brush) one to three coat system requiring a primer (‘kit’ according to BDA Guideline-BDA Agrément®) with 100 mm wide strips of glass fleece reinforcement at details and overlaps in the substrate. The system sets within 20 minutes of mixing and is trafficable within 1 hour. Available in a variety of colours.

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Number: BAR 19-090/01/A
Issue date: 15/01/2019

Approved for use on

Flat Roofs Inverted Roofs Pitched Roofs 

Roof types:

  • warm exposed flat roofs
  • cold exposed pitched metal roofs with a maximum pitch
  • inverted roof build-ups with aggregate or paver ballast on flat roofs


Concrete Metal Reinforced Bituminous Membranes Single Ply Membranes - PVC Timber 

Roof covering types:

  • concrete
  • bitumen roofing felt
  • OSB board − single ply (PVC)
  • metal tiles
  • APP modified bitumen


20 Years 

The system is stable, rot-proof and will provide under normal service conditions a durable waterproof covering with a service life of at least 20 years. There is no risk for moth or beetle infestation.

Installation Requirements

The System shall only be installed by contractors who’s employees have followed a training programme which provides contractors with the necessary skills and product knowledge to become a fully certified RapidRoof® Approved Contractor.The System shall be installed strictly in accordance with the instructions of the Agrément holder and the requirements of this Agrément.

Fire Safety

The RapidRoof® Waterproof System does not prejudice the fire-resistance properties of the roof. Therefore, the components of the system will not contribute to the development stages of a fire or present a smoke or toxic hazard;
– when properly installed, the system will not add significantly to any existing fire hazard;
– the reaction to fire has been classified8 as Euroclass E according to BS EN 13501-119;
– the resistance to external fire exposure has been categorized as EXT.F AC according to BS 476 Part 317.

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