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Silcor 900MP Spray Applied Roof Waterproofing System

Manufacturer: GCP Applied Technologies 

Materials: Polyurea 

The Silcor 900MP Spray-Applied Roof Waterproofing System comprises Silcor 900MP, a rapid-set, two-component, liquid-applied polyurea membrane, and a range of primers.

The membrane is applied by specialist installers using spray equipment in multiple passes to provide a waterproofing membrane with a minimum dry film thickness of 2 mm.

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Number: 13/5005 PS1
Issue date: 25/07/2019

Approved for use on

Balconies, Terraces & Walkways Inverted Roofs Podium Decks Warm Ballasted Roofs 

For use as a fully adhered waterproofing layer on the following new and existing flat, including those with zero fall, and sloping protected roof specifications including:

  • inverted roofs below extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards
  • ballasted
  • podium decks and covered walkways for pedestrian access
  • terraces


Concrete Steel Timber 

The system has been assessed for use on the following substrates:

  • concrete and plywood primed with Primer EPF
  • concrete and plywood with Primer EP LT
  • steel primed with Primer MT.


25 Years 

Under normal conditions, the system will function effectively as a roof waterproofing for a period in excess of 25 years. In a fully protected specification and when subject to normal service conditions, the system will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water and water vapour for the design life of the roof in which it is incorporated

Installation Requirements

Installation of the Silcor 900MP Spray-Applied Roof Waterproofing System must be in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS 8000-0 : 2014, BS 8000-4 : 1989, BS 6229 : 2018, the Certificate holder’s instructions and this Certificate.

Installation must not be carried out during inclement weather, eg rain, fog or snow.

Fire Safety

The system, when used in protected or inverted roof specifications, including an inorganic covering listed in the Annex of Commission Decision 2000/553/EC, can enable a roof to be unrestricted under the national Building Regulations.

The designation of other specifications should be confirmed by: England and Wales — test or assessment in accordance with Approved Document B, Appendix A, clause 1, Scotland — test to conform to Mandatory Standard 2.8, clause 2.8.1, Northern Ireland — test or assessment by a UKAS-accredited laboratory or an independent consultant with appropriate experience.

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